Dr. William K. Fleming is Humana’s Segment President for Healthcare Services, where he is responsible for Humana’s clinical and pharmacy businesses that service all Humana segments. William is a member of the Management Team, which sets the firm's strategic direction, and reports to President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Broussard.   A 24-year Humana rookie, William has spent the majority of his career pioneering Humana’s pharmacy business and bringing forward a clinical integration belief to drive a total cost of care view of the world.  In 2017, William expanded his leadership to include a focus in Humana’s home business, behavioral health business, clinical care businesses, and advanced clinical analytics.  William has a passion for using his entrepreneurial spirit in simplifying healthcare, providing value for consumers (both the patient and the physician), and developing high-performing teams that share the common goal of improving health outcomes and clinical quality.

William received his BS Pharmacy from the University Of Kentucky College Of Pharmacy; where he went on to receive his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD).  He also holds a BA in General Studies from Transylvania University with an emphasis in biology and economics.   William has served a number of pharmacy associations advancing how pharmaceuticals are used, and has held prior Board/Trustee appointments to various pharmacy and charity organizations.  Nearly 5 years ago, William was named a Fellow in the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (FAMCP).