Our knowledgeable and talented team of Zetema Staff and Fellows are committed to creating a forum that stimulates the productive exchange of diverse, expert opinion on the many facets of the US healthcare system.

Victoria Nichols was a Fall 2018 Zetema Project Fellow and a 2019 MPH candidate and Kaiser Permanente Scholar at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management. As a Zetema Project Fellow, her role was to learn from the Project’s Panelists, Contributors, and staff, contribute to Project research and writing, participate in Project meetings, and enhance the Project network.

Prior to joining the Zetema Project as a Fellow, Ms. Nichols served as a Policy Intern at First 5 Alameda County. She is also the Social Media Director at Plan C, a nonprofit reproductive health organization. Before enrolling in graduate school, she was a Senior Program Assistant at Prevention Institute, a think tank focused on the prevention of illness and injury.

Ms. Nichols earned her BA in Government and Philosophy from Claremont McKenna College.