Our knowledgeable and talented team of Zetema Staff and Fellows are committed to creating a forum that stimulates the productive exchange of diverse, expert opinion on the many facets of the US healthcare system.

Sophie Rottenberg is a 2019 Zetema Project Fellow and a 2019 MSPH candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management.

During her time as a Zetema Project Fellow, her goal is to learn from the diverse set of healthcare leaders serving as Project Panelists, Contributors and Staff. Overall, she hopes to gain experience in researching, presenting, and writing about both sides of contested issues that face the American health care system.

Prior to joining the Zetema Project as a Fellow, Ms. Rottenberg served as a Project Analyst at Discern Health, a small consulting firm in Baltimore, MD. She is also the Grants Manager for the Baltimore City Fire Department. Before beginning her Master’s degree she worked as a medical assistant for a small nonprofit gynecology practice that focused on the health and wellness of the dual eligible population.

Ms. Rottenberg earned her dual BS in Biology and International Affairs at Florida State University.