Our knowledgeable and talented team of Zetema Staff and Fellows are committed to creating a forum that stimulates the productive exchange of diverse, expert opinion on the many facets of the US healthcare system.

Ryann Miguel is the Project Associate for the Zetema Project. She leads the administrative functioning of the Project, as well as advancing the Project’s research and planning activities. She organizes Zetema’s triannual meetings, manages the Project’s website and communications, and coordinates with Zetema Project Panelists, Contributors, and journalists.

Prior to joining the Zetema Project, Ms. Miguel worked at Progress Foundation, providing mental health services to San Francisco’s older adult population in a social rehabilitation setting. She facilitated day-to-day operations and supported administrative functioning for the outpatient program as well as dual residential treatment programs. In addition to her work with the Zetema Project, she supports ongoing research led by Dr. Portacolone at the Institute of Health and Aging at the University of California, San Francisco. 

Ms. Miguel earned a BA in Legal Studies and a BA in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz.